Historically, having hair was a sign of masculinity. In modern times body hair has become a nuisance for many men, for reasons of hygiene, aesthetics and fashion, male grooming is being promoted on the top of men’s beauty lists. 


There is a selection of hair removal methods which consist of effective ways to remove unwanted hair fast and with the least pain possible using dexterous hands.


Some men shy away from waxing because they assume it is too painful, too embarrassing to talk about let alone experience. Don’t panic! 


Male waxing no longer needs to be torture. At Windsor Male Grooming we provide you with the latest techniques in male body grooming. You will be amazed at the results straight away. Rob treats men with excessive body hair who appreciate the aesthetics and hygienic benefits of being less hairy and includes intimate male waxing.



Rob was personally trained by Andy Rouillard ‘The Wax Daddy” and uses his method. It’s fast, thorough and gives you the perfect wax every time. 


The products used on guests include the highest quality “Ashmira Botanica” wax which does not cause any SORENESS, is quite distinctive and enables all treatments to be impeccable.


BEFORE WAXING (Preparation for treatment):


● Please don’t go to the gym or take part in any sporting activity at least 3 hours before waxing treatment. The waxing area has to be calm and avoid any sweat activity.


● Please don’t trim/shave the waxing area.


AFTER WAXING (Post-treatment): 


● Avoid showering 24 hours after waxing, the first shower should be cold or lukewarm.


● Do not wear fragrance on the treated area for the first 24 hours.


● Avoid the gym or any sporting activities for the first 48 hours.


● Please exfoliate your skin once a week with gloves/sponge/exfoliating towel to avoid ingrown hair situations.


● Apply hydrating cream once or twice a week to keep your skin moisturised.


Using "Ashmira Botanica” products you will be assured that the Waxing Treatment will be exactly the way you expect it to be.


We provide international standards and the best waxing solutions in the most hygienic manner. We offer a variety of intimate waxing for your butt, sac, and crack or anything that you need to be waxed! Most importantly, do get in touch and make an appointment. I’m here to help.